Little Pearls Swim School Cairns

We are a privately owned and operated boutique style swim school in Smithfield, Cairns.  Best Swim School in Cairns Northern Beaches leading the way with best practice and up to date teaching methods in aquatics.
Little Pearls offers swimming and water safety lessons all year round in our heated enclosed facility for all ages.  An ozone water treatment system is used to create the softest water for your child.
Class sizes are small in all our levels for the benefit in progression and development of the individual.
Our facilities include hot showers, change tables in a large change area, seated area pool side for viewing classes and a shop with an extensive range of swimwear and accessories for you and your child.

Our Programs


Babies & Toddlers

Learn To Swim (Independents)


Our Philosophy

Our classes are taught through love, patience and good guidance.

Teaching is done gently with encouragement and enjoyment and not against the child’s will, as we believe children learn best in a supportive learning environment.

Small class sizes allow the ability for individual instruction and development of each child.

Ensuring all teachers are provided with regular support and ongoing training enables us to deliver consistency across our program.

All activities have a purpose and help children develop socially, emotionally and physically!

We are a trauma free swim school striving for world’s best practice which means, that at no time are children forced to go under or float on their back under distress.

It’s more than just swimming, you will see your child build confidence and resilience throughout their journey at Little Pearls Swim School.


HealthySwim Accredited

Our facility is healthySwim accredited, which means we have the healthiest water available to our swimmers and staff. We have achieved this through investing in state of the art Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) technology that in addition to chlorine, safeguards both your family and our staff from viruses, bacteria, chlorine resistant pathogens such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia as well as destroys any nasty chlorine byproducts.

healthy swim accreditation cairns



We provide goggle fitting as part of our service for purchasing goggles.
Disposable swim nappies along with re-usable swim nappies, caps, swimwear and refreshments are available at reception.

Within a month of SAFERswimming week we were at a child’s 6th birthday party, where kids of various ages were enjoying playing in a pool. Holly was the littlest one in the pool but was excited to join in the fun, with me watching closely from the side. A minor collision occurred with an older child, and Holly was dunked under the water, losing her goggles and pool noodle.

Instinctively and calmly she raised her little arms above her head and called for help. The fully clothed mother closest to her was alerted to her distress signal and was in the water within seconds providing support. It was a valuable reminder to all the parents of why supervision in the water at all times is absolutely paramount, and it was remarkable to see Holly put into place the SAFERswimming skills she had recently learned.

Thank you to the staff at Little Pearls for their assistance teaching these vital water safety skills.


I want to thank each of you (Little Pearls Team) so very much for all the love, support, confidence building and swimming skills you have given Isla, and I.  What Isla has walked away with from Little Pearls is what I dreamt of when first enrolling her and she now certainly has a beautiful solid foundation to build on. I am so grateful for that.


My daughter has so much more confidence in the water now. She is so excited to go to her class each week. 


I’ve been going to Little Pearls with both my children ( 2 and 4yo) since they were babies. After my eldest Cooper had a year off swimming after ENT surgery, he was extremely anxious to get in the pool and had fallen well behind. Carrie and the Little Pearls team have been extremely accommodating, and amazing in supporting and encouraging him back into the water at his own pace.

Carrie knows all the tricks in the book and has turned my once anxious swimmer, into a confident child who is excited to swim week after week!